Our DNA is 100% rural - we cater to farmers, vendors, and micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs) based in the rural parts of Myanmar. We adopt an individual lending methodology. For all loan products, we adhere to the terms and conditions prescribed by the Financial Regulatory Department (FRD) of Myanmar. Our loan term varies based on the loan product, and each client needs a guarantor for the loan. We also provide additional financial services such as life insurance and non-financial services such as financial literacy and environmental sustainability training.



Farmers are our key clientele, and we offer highly customized products that factor in crop season, region, and crop type.

• Loan term from 3-10 months based on crop seasonality

• Loan amount based on cultivated acres, up to 5 million MMK

• Diversification of crops

100,000ks 5,000,000ks
3 months10 months
Repayment Amount
End of Loan Term


Vendors are small shops that sell perishable and consumable goods in bazaars and their respective townships. For those shops that only require a small loan ticket, we offer a vendor loan product.

• Loan term from 6-12 months

• Loan amount based on the size of the business, up to 1 million MMK

100,000ks 1,000,000ks
6 months12 months
Repayment Amount

Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

MSMEs are micro-, small, medium businesses whose inventories and stocks can be kept for more than one week. For those businesses whose investments exceed 1 million MMK, We offer an MSME loan product.

• Loan term from 6-18 months

• Loan amount based on the size of the business, up to 3 million MMK

100,000ks 3,000,000ks
6 months18 months
Repayment Amount


A compulsory savings deposit of 5% is required, as per the Microfinance Business Law. This amount is availed at the end of the client’s loan term and will be repaid with an interest rate of 14% per annum.


Optional life insurance in partnership with a local company in Myanmar, which covers death and accident is available to our clients. The policy is valid for 1 year and the premium is 1% of the insured amount. Clients receive detailed explanations on the insurance product and the claims procedure during the loan disbursement. This is further supplemented by a detailed policy in the local language. Should a client need to make a claim, they may do so at our branch as we directly facilitate the claims procedure to provide maximum support for our clients.